Cancer: Life After Survival with Beyond Expeditions Singapore

Cancer survivors with Goal Zero and Beyond Expeditions Singapore

Surviving cancer is no mean feat, but what about life after that? Chemotherapy ends and you’re all ready to walk back into the world, right? That couldn’t be further from the reality of life after survival. Everything will take time to fall back into place; some things don’t at all.

After knowing how fragile life is, a battle with fear will ensue and possibly go on in every part of your life. It is however, a battle you can win. When that fear doesn’t decide what you do and how you feel, you’ve just formed a new normal, one that tells you life should be lived to its fullest, not be taken too seriously and to be daringly explored.


We came together with Beyond Expeditions Singapore to organize a daytime camping survival experience at Pulau Ubin. To empower cancer survivors to continue exploring and conquer their fears by spending time with nature, historically the greatest teacher of overcoming obstacles.

Setting up camp along the coast of Pulau Ubin, a few hundred metres away from houses on stilts over the water.


Soaking in the great outdoors traditionally meant having access to little to no technology, limiting outdoor adventures to near-primitive experiences. We seek to break the shackles of the what-ifs and could-have-beens; to embody the meaning of overcoming adversity with the power of technology anywhere off-grid.

Charging a Sherpa 100AC Power Bank with solar power obtained from a Nomad 28 Solar Panel.


With the sun's rays gracing us with its presence, the Sherpa 100 AC powerbank had virtually unlimited solar power from the Nomad 28 Solar Panel to power a range of devices including portable lights, portable fan, mobile devices and portable cooking utilities – made possible with the Sherpa’s AC power outlet.

A whole new world of possibilities awaited our happy campers as they took their time to test out what they could power at the same time; some that were commonly for home use, some that demand substantial power. And what better way to complement their new discoveries than to hear stories of how they overcame cancer and how they’ve lived their lives after around a piping hot pan of Penne Alla Arrabiata perfectly cooked over fire. Survival stories that were relatable for some, inspirational and educational for all.

Piping hot Penne Alla Arrabiata cooked in a cast iron pan over woodfire.


At Goal Zero, we believe life is about living it on your own terms and having the power to do it. Surviving cancer is not by any means easy, but what comes after is not any easier. This outdoor experience and our newfound friends taught us that having a positive mindset is crucial and having moral support you can count on-be it your peers, friends, family, the community or even technology-makes it all the more attainable. You’re never alone on this journey and there will always be support when needed, but it is on you to first acknowledge your fears and know that they do not control you.

Happy smiles, happy campers.

We give you the power to live life on your own terms. The rest is up to you. Stay strong, champion.


Beyond Expeditions Singapore is a boutique-travel agency and curator of tailor-made expeditions to beautiful and exotic destinations in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Ladakh. They work very closely with homegrown grassroots tour agencies in order to bring travelers, backpackers, and adventurers the full experience that encompasses the wild beauty of these places, their culture, and their people. 

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