Beyond Expedition X Goal Zero Singapore

Beyond Expedition X Goal Zero Singapore

Camping survival experience at Palau Ubin with @beyondexpeditionssg together with cancer survivors.


Empowering one self to still continue on exploring and be close to nature with the help of Beyond Expidition Singapore.


Beyond Expidition Singapore are a boutique-travel agency and curator of tailor-made expeditions to beautiful and exotic destinations in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Ladakh.

They work very closely with our homegrown grassroots tour agencies in order to bring travelers, backpackers, and adventurers the full experience that encompasses the wild beauty of these places, their culture, and their people. 

(According to thier site.)




Campaign survival experience is not complete without power tools to keep their devices connected when they are off the grid.

A Goal Zero Nomad 28 Solar panel is perfect to charge the Sherpa 100 AC power bank especially when the sun is out.⁣


Shop Nomad 28 Solar Kit Here.

Shop Sherpa 100 AC here


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