Adventurer's Atlas at Sikkim India with Goal Zero Singapore

Adventurer's Atlas at Sikkim India with Goal Zero Singapore

There is something about self-sustainable equipment like our Goal Zero that the Adventurer's Atlas and her team experienced while they explore the beautiful mountain Sikkim in India. With off the grid adventure, they were powered by solar panel Nomad 14 and Sherpa 100 AC to keep their gadgets working. While at night, our solar-powered Crush Light gave them the light throughout the night.



Atlas adventure's Crush Light review

"I thought that the Crush Light will be something that I'd use only when I'm outdoors or off-grid but the functions of it being a side-lamp or reading light (especially the mouldable function it has besides being only able to hang it up, etc) is a plus to me. Again all you need is the sun to charge it if you're going on a Waste-less journey or plug it to a wall socket. The only downside is that you do not really know when it's fully charged or when it's going to run low."


"We hooked it up on our backpacks wherever we went and it was always a conversation starter, a lot of other travellers/adventurers even the villagers were thoroughly impressed with the Crush Light. Some of them even offered us money to buy it off us. Haha! In rural areas where at times a wall socket or electricity is limited, this is such an awesome invention! So kudos GoalZero!"

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